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 Site Rules.

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Site Rules. Empty
PostSubject: Site Rules.   Site Rules. Icon_minitimeFri Jan 09, 2009 5:35 am

First and foremost, this is a PG rated site. Meaning 13+ Language is allowed. Everyone here should be 13+ years of age of you will need The Boss' approval.

Lets get on with the 'biz!

If you have Any questions PM any mod/admin, or email be personally at

Offensive Language
This is PG, so we will except words on a certain level. Words such as ****, and crap are allowed. Young people go onto the site and would not like to
be disturbed of this kind of language. If anyone comes up to this, PM a mod or admin and tell
us the topic and forum it's in. Or a direct link to the thread/post/etc.

Offensive Content
DO NOT send out racial, sexual, or harrassment out to users. This is offensive and racisim. If you DO plan to do so, you will get a ban if it's VERY offensive, Supension if it's minor, and a warning if it's things such as 'go to hell'.

1.3: Posting Other Websites
Similar to the previous rule, we also will not tolerate mention of other websites that violate the above conditions. This includes both links and discussion about such websites. This also includes links to "social networking" websites such as Myspace and Xanga which can occasionally link to inappropriate material that is against the site rules.

1.4: Flaming
Do not make hurtful comments about other people. This is called Flaming and
it needs to be stopped. If someone is insulting you or another user, or saying things that you find offensive or that make you uncomfortable, don't PM them back with insults, instead, PM a Mod/
Admin and they will handle it.

1.5: Trolling
Trolling is posting content designed to attract personal attacks. Deliberately posting messages or other content intended to upset or anger other members is disruptive and will not be tolerated. Similarly, any posts that are offensive to a general group of people are not allowed.

1.6: Spamming
Spamming is when someone posts content unrelated to the board or thread. This is especially inappropriate when posting on announcement or sticky threads. Also, general nonsense threads, posts, and other content are considered spam, as well as content that stretch the page with repeated characters. Posting links to your personal site, for business or recreation, and advertising other websites is considered spam. Please use your signature line or profile for your website link.
Another type of spam would be repeatedly saying words of the same context such as
or even
dkvsb sdb
sdbgjsb dfsjb dsa
bfbjsd bsd

1.7: Romance
Romance & Relations ships are OK on a certain level.

1.8: No Third Account
Please remember that you may have a second account if a password and email is lost.
If a third account is made, It will be deleted and the 2nd account of the user will get a
Warning or Ban.

1.9: Sharing Accounts
Remember that you are responsible for any activity that takes place on your account, whether it was actually you or not. So don't share your account or give out your password to another person, because that other person may get your account banned from the site. This is especially true for other banned members. Any member found to be sharing their account with a banned user will also be banned from this site permanently.

1.10: Impersonation
Never pretend to be someone you are not, especially do not pretend to be a staff member. Do not make statements that would imply that you are staff member. This includes overusing red text markup. Red text is used by me to show an edit or someone has broke a rule.
Do not impersonate a Mod or the Admin or it will result in a ban.

1.11: Site Glitches
If you run across, hear about, or are otherwise made known of a loophole or glitch on TP, you are required to immediately let the staff know through a PM. If you are aware of a loophole or glitch, and continue to take advantage of the loophole/glitch, or let others know about it, you may lose your privileges on the site. Never report or post about loopholes/glitches on public boards -- always report them to the staff privately.

1.12: Harassing Others
Do not contact others who have asked you specifically not to contact them. This includes sending them PMs, True Friend Code requests, as well as speaking directly to them on public boards. Also, do not send members multiple PMs or multiple posts to a single PMs just because they haven't responded to you.

1.13: Edits Of Copyrighted Materials
Distribution of illegal pirated/pirating software, in particular ROM's and file sharing programs is not permitted. Such software is illegal and potentially harmful.

1.14: Topics Not Allowed
Some topics are not allowed on TP, either due to their controversial nature and the fact that they often lead to arguments, or just due to the fact that TB was not intended for these discussions. These topics include RPGs (Role Playing Games), newspaper and magazine threads, clubs, PC Pets, chat-threads, truth-or-dare threads, and threads offering general help ("ask me anything" threads). Controversial subjects not allowed can be anything related to politics, religion or anything else commonly considered controversial. However, these types of threads are still permitted in Private Threads where all the site rules still apply.

1.15: Posting in Non-English Language
TP is an English-only website and is moderated by native English speakers. For this reason, we ask you not post in any other languages. We also ask you not excessively post in nonsense languages like l33t, chat-speak, pig-latin, or any other made up language (Unless the thread has something to do with them.)

1.16: Lying to/about Staff
If you lie about a staff member or lie to them, you will get a warning or ban.

2: Forum Rules

2.1: Posting Personal Info
Please do not post personal information on the boards such as email addresses, phone numbers, personal photos (Photos are fine in PM.) or street addresses. If you want to let others know your IM or email, please direct them to view your profile. Do not discuss your account status or someone else's on the boards. This includes but is not limited to bans, point totals, and violations. Repeatedly discussing notifications or private staff warnings with others can result in anything from a temporary ban up to and including a permanent ban depending on the severity.

2.2: Posting on the Wrong Boards
Please post messages on the appropriate message board. For instance, post messages about Toontown on the TT Generals board, but post messages about other things on the Off-topic board.

2.3: Cross-Posting
Cross-posting means posting the same topic on more than one board. We don't have that many boards, so if you put the topic on one board, it will probably be seen.

2.4: Not using Stickies and Official Threads
Before you post a new thread about a topic, check the boards to see if there is already a stickied thread or other official thread about that specific topic. If there is, please post in the appropriate sticky or official thread instead of creating your own thread; it will help keep the boards more organized and make things easier to find. Any new topics created that are covered under existing stickies will be locked.

2.5: Advertising Threads
Do not post threads for the sole purpose of advertising. Such messages will be considered spam.

2.6: Bumping
It is ok to bump.

2.7: Drawing Attention
Do not post messages intended to draw excessive and unnecessary attention. This includes "goodbye" and "delete my account" threads, and threads with misleading topics. If you are leaving the site permanently, send a PM only to those members you associate with on a regular basis. If you want to have your account deleted, submit a request to the Mods by PM'ing them -- however, realize that once your account is deleted, you cannot return, and another account cannot be created. If you are leaving the site temporarily, you can set your away dates in your profile and put a message in your signature about your absence. In addition this includes creating topic titles using multiple special characters or punctuation designed to draw attention.

2.8: Backseat Moderating
While we appreciate all the people who try to keep our boards within the rules, please let the staff perform their roles. If you see a rule violation, you should report it to the staff. Do not take it upon yourself to correct the member, either publicly or privately even with the best of intentions. Doing so will be viewed as spam and/or trolling. The staff will honor your privacy in any report, and we expect you to guard yours as well.

2.9: Duplicate Threads
From time to time, threads are accidentally posted twice other times, they are intentionally double posted. We will remove the duplicate post, and keep the one with the most replies if applicable. Purposefully posting multiple duplicate threads will be marked as spam.

2.10: Talk of Hacking
Do not post or talk in the chatbox about Hacking toontown, or any other device that will do as such as that.

3: True Friend Code Rules

3.1: Posting True Friend Codes
Only post True Friend codes in the TF Zone. It will be considered spam in other forums and will be moved.

3.2: Code Spamming
Do not send multiple requests to someone once they say no to your original request. If they reject your offer, kindly accept that and move on. Sending multiple SF codes requests after being declined will be considered spam.
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Site Rules.
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